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Scottish BishopsPastoral Letter 5th June 2020 (PDF)


Re-opening of Churches

In accordance with guidance from the Scottish Government and the Scottish Bishops churches are  open for private prayer.

Opening Times  St Columba’s

St Columba’s is open:

  • 10 -11am daily
  • 6-7pm on a Wednesday
  • 9.30-11.30am on a Sunday

Social-distancing will still be in force in the churches and you are asked to wear gloves and a face-mask while in the building. There will be no toilet facilities available, and the sisters have kindly agreed on a temporary basis to let us use the side door as an exit to prevent a build up of people at the entrance church.

The church will be marked out with hazard tape to enable social distancing and while I appreciate you may see people you wish to greet I would ask you strictly to respect these rules.

The capacity of   St Columba’s building, allowing for the required social distancing, is 50 individuals. Obviously, if people living in the same household visit together social distancing rules apply differently and this will affect the capacity of the church. In light of this situation and in the interest of fairness

I would ask you to limit your visit to 20 minutes in length.  

Fr Kevin

Opening times of nearby churches:

St Albert’s:

  • 2-4pm daily 

Sacred Heart   from  Thursday July 2nd

  • Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 12 to 1pm 

 St. Patrick’s

  •  Every day 11am -1pm

St Mary’s Catholic Cathedral:

  • 12-6pm daily 
  • Sacrament of Reconciliation and rosary at 5.30pm



We will need volunteers to help clean the church after visitors have left and to make sure social distancing rules are being applied.

As per the Archdiocesan instructions, volunteers must be between 18-69 years of age and with no underlying health conditions. If you are willing to volunteer please complete the forms (noted elsewhere in this newsletter) and return them to me as soon as possible.

Many thanks,

Fr. Kevin

Please volunteer


  • Application Form A for CURRENT  volunteers June 2020 (DOC)
    • This form is for current parish volunteers who have completed all stages of safe recruitment and hold a Diocesan letter of approval.
      If you do not have a current role in your parish with children and vulnerable groups, please complete Form B
  • Application Form B for NEW volunteers June 2020 (DOC)
    • This form is for new parish volunteers who do NOT have a current role in the parish involving regulated work with children and vulnerable groups.
      If you DO have a current role in your parish with children and vulnerable groups, please complete Form A