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Marriage Preparation


Engaged couples are invited to prepare for marriage through St Peter’s Marriage Preparation course. It is  conducted by four marriage catechists.

The day takes approximately four  hours with a lunch break half way through, giving the couples the opportunity to socialise with each other.

The couples receive information on marriage as a Sacrament, the covenant of marriage and the Catholic Church’s teaching on marriage and family life in addition to helpful tips on communication within marriage and information on the wedding ceremony itself.

There are many break out groups, giving couples the opportunity to discuss their personal views and to feed these back to the larger group if they wish.

We receive very positive feedback from the couples, who genuinely enjoy “getting down to the basics” of what marriage is all about when they are often caught up in a frenzy of choosing dresses, flowers, photographers etc.

Most couples we see consist of one Catholic and one of another or no religion. The non-Catholics appreciate the opportunity to learn a little more about the Catholic faith and are reassured by the preparation.

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11am to 3pm
St Peter’s Parish Room

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