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Parish Pastoral Council

St Peter's tower

The mission of the Parish Pastoral Council (PCC)  is to examine and consider all that relates to pastoral work and to offer practical conclusion on these matters so that the life and activity of the People of God be brought into greater conformity with the Gospel.

Membership of the PPC is open to all parishioners and elections are arranged to enable parishioners to choose their own representatives. The President of the Council is ex officio the Parish Priest who has a general right of supervision. There is a Chairman and a Secretary and such other Office Bearers as may be required by the Council.

The council meets at least five times a year. There is an Annual General Meeting, (an Open meeting for all in the parish), at which the Council gives an account of its activities during the year and furnishes a report to the whole parish.


Parish Pastoral Council Vacancies

The PPC currently has one vacancy. People of all ages are welcome to apply; an interest in social media would be welcome. Meetings are five or six times a year on a Monday evening. Please contact Peter Nicholson at ;  tel 445 1570  or speak after Mass.

View the PPC volunteer role (PDF) to find out what is involved.



PPC Minutes Feb 2016  (PDF)

PPC Minutes April 2016 (PDF)

PPC Minutes June 2016 (PDF)

PPC Minutes Sept 2016  (PDF)


PPC AGM Minutes 2016 (PDF)

St Peter’s Annual Report on Parish Activities in 2015-16  (PDF)



PPC Minutes Feb 2015 (PDF)

PPC Minutes  Open Meeting 22.04.15 (PDF)

PPC Minutes April 2015  (PDF)

PPC Minutes  June 2015 (PDF)

PPC Minutes Sept 2015  (PDF)

PPC Minutes Nov 2015 (PDF)


PPC AGM Minutes 8 June 2015 (PDF)

Property Report 2014-2015 (PDF)

PPC Annual Report 2014-15 (PDF)

Annual Report on Parish Activities in 2014-15 (PDF)



PPC AGM Minutes 2 June 2014 (PDF)

PPC Annual Report 2013-2014 (PDF)


Dates of meetings in Session 2017

Dates for the next session were provisionally agreed as:



13 February

10 April

12 June


Members of the PPC

Peter Nicholson – Chair

Secretary – vacant

Agnieszka Allan

Liz Brown

Salvatore Callea

Alan Chudziak

Joyce Cullen

Anne Donnelly

Roger Eggins

Gillian Ferguson

Jacqueline Heron

Ian Stewart


PPC Contact

Peter Nicholson (Chair)


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