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Lectio Divina

Praying with Scripture



The goal of Lectio Divina  is an expanding capacity to listen with the heart to the word of God in all of life’s situations, leading to a more constant awareness of God’s presence. It is a listening that leads to a new way of seeing and an integration of prayer, work and relationship with others.  These are the five stages.

5 Steps of Lectio Divina


  1. Reading. Read a passage slowly and carefully within the bible.
    What  words or phrases strike me,  stand out or emerge from the text?
  2. Meditation. Thinking deeply or dwelling upon a spiritual reality within a text.
    What is God saying to me in MY life?
  3. Prayer. Having a loving conversation with God.
  4. Contemplation. Resting in Gods presence.
  5. Action. Go and do likewise.





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