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Newsletter, Diary & Events

 Latest Newsletter

St Peter’s newsletter 3rd Sunday of the Year 21st January 2018(PDF)

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Parish Diary

Parish Diary 2017-18 (PDF)


3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time (B)

21st  January

follow me

Saturday 12 noon Mass;  Confessions 11.15-45 am

Sunday 11.30 am Mass
Children’s Liturgy during Mass
Coffee will be served after Mass

Monday 9am Mass 7.30pm RCIA in Parish Room

Tuesday NO 9am  Service of the Word & Holy Communion
10.45 am Class Mass—parishioners welcome

Wednesday 7.30pm Mass;

Thursday 9am  Service of the Word & Holy Communion
Holy Hour this evening then prayer group

Friday  9am Mass
(11am Mass in Royal Edinburgh)

Saturday 12 noon Mass;  Confessions 11.15-45 am 1pm Baptism

Sunday 11.30 am Mass Homeless Sunday;
Rite of Illumination for P3 children during Mass

Mass Times St Columba’s




Monday 8th January—RCIA recommences
Thursday 11th January– Holy Hour and Prayer Group recommences

St Columba’s

Visit Events at St Columba’s for what’s going on in our partner parish.


40 Days for Life

Prayer and Fasting vigil here in Edinburgh
St. Columbas at 3pm on Sunday 21 January

We are in need of a leader.
We need many volunteers to fill the hours of the Lenten vigil.  Please help.
We are looking for volunteers to pray as well as potential counselors (training available).
Please come along to St. Columba’s at 3pm on Sunday 21 January MAIN HALL

 Holocaust Memorial Day

A special inter-faith event is taking place in Gracemount High School tomorrow, Monday
22 January, at 7pm.


Sacred Heart Church

Lauriston Street



Christian Initiation of Children: CIC

Sunday 28th January – Rite of Illumination for P3


Lauriston Jesuit Centre

Monday 29th of January—7.30pm

Then, during the Mondays in Lent, starting on the 19th February
we will have a series of talks with Nicholas King SJ, Sarah Tether, Fionulla Francis etc based on our theme for the year: ‘SO, WHO IS MY NEIGHBOUR?’

Further details will be available in the New Year.




Ash Wednesday

It seems rather early to be thinking of Ash Wednesday and Lent but Ash Wednesday falls
on 14th February— just over a month away! There will be a basket at the back of church for all your palms from last year. These will be burnt to make the ashes for distribution on Ash Wednesday.


9 days in Iran
Friday 9th February; Parish Room

In August 2016, Annie and Bruce Royan took advantage of a thaw in relations between Iran and the West to visit a country that had fascinated them for years. “9 Days in Iran”
will be an Illustrated talk on what they found there, followed by a Buffet of Persian delicacies.

Tickets £7.50, available after Sunday Mass.

Proceeds to the Parish SCIAF Project

Sunday 4 February – Presentation of the Creed – P4
Monday 5 February – PPC Meeting 7.30pm in Parish Room
Saturday 10 February – 11am – 3pm SCIAF Lent Training Day in Parish Room
Thursday 22 February – 7pm Family Reconciliation – P3 and families



Sunday 4 March – Presentation of the Our Father – P4
Thursday 22 March – 7pm Reconciliation



Monday 23 April – PPC meeting 7.30pm in Parish Room



Saturday 19 May – 1pm Wedding



Saturday 2 June – First Communions (St Peter’s)
Sunday 3 June – First Communions (St Columba’s) Family Mass with First Communicants at St Peter’s



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